IKEA to sell its new solar panel range in Spain — idealista

The Swedish home decoration giant IKEA is going green in Spain. IKEA has announced that it will sell its new solar panel range in Spain in partnership with the Spanish energy company Contigo Energía. IKEA’s new solar panels will also be sold in Portugal. IKEA and Contigo Energía have jointly designed a solar panel service that combines the strengths of both partners, such as «functionality, design and affordable prices, with the best technical expertise and support to offer a turnkey solution for solar home energy». The starting price of IKEA’s solar panels will be 4,170 euros.

The Spanish company, Contigo Energía, will be responsible for the installation and management of the solar systems that IKEA will launch in Spain from spring 2021, as a home self-consumption service through the installation of solar panels on both inclined and flat roofs, making the installation of solar panels in Spain more accessible.

With their many energy-saving advantages, usually the main disadvantage of installing solar panels in your home is the cost, something that IKEA aims to change. Although the exact details of IKEA’s new product have yet to be announced, the company has already stated that it will be an affordable product that will facilitate access to self-consumption «for the majority», in accordance with its business vision, as well as a «simple, safe option, with all the integrated services and guarantees for the consumer».

IKEA, part of the Ingka Group, has highlighted that the upcoming launch of this new eco-friendly product is part of its goal to fight climate change, not only by reducing the environmental impact of its operations but also by promoting a more sustainable and affordable life in homes across Spain.

This new IKEA scheme, known as «Home Solar» is already being marketed in 9 other countries (the Netherlands, Poland, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, Australia and France) through different suppliers and is expected to reach all Ingka Group markets by 2025.

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