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From open kitchens in dark tones to sustainable bedrooms, these photographs are the ones that have most enamoured Spaniards with their design and that will become a reference for decoration in Spain in 2020.

Houzz, the leading platform for home decoration and renovation and a source of inspiration for millions of individuals, has awarded the most popular photos in the community to complete the Best of Houzz 2020.

The award winning images that have been most popular with the community give us an idea of how Spanish residents imagine their ideal home one room at a time. Let’s have a look at the selection and get inspired:

Sustainable and functional bedrooms: This bedroom, designed by Egue y Seta, interior architects at Houzz, aims to capture the essence of the Barcelona way of life in 40m2.  In this bedroom, the chromatic plays a fundamental role in providing a Mediterranean spirit, where architectural elements such as the exposed brick, the vault and the hydraulic floor are also recovered. The Houzz community continues to bet on the use of warm materials such as wood, the incorporation of indoor plants and the choice of blue tones related to nature and respect for the environment.

Warm living rooms: the Houzz community continues to search for designs that provide warmth, but where the centrepiece is a grey sofa with simple lines, which is not surprising, since ‘grey sofa’ was one of the most sought-after terms by users in 2019. The key is to combine it with other pieces of wicker furniture – as we can see in this photo – which provide warmth and add specific touches, such as this geometric wallpaper with a small pattern, which manages to create a cosy atmosphere. This room is part of a project by Haus & Deco, a decoration company from Málaga.

Sophisticated but comfortable dining rooms: designer Luis Delgado has managed to create bright and comfortable environments in a 48 square metre apartment in Madrid’s Cuatro Caminos neighbourhood through this design. This Best of Houzz 2020 design features classic wall mouldings and the combination of modern pieces and design objects, such as the dining room chairs and the carpet, with others given a new lease of life such as the table or the vintage lamp.

Bathrooms without borders: In the trends of 2020 we anticipate that the borders between the bathroom and the bedroom will tend to be diluted and the Best of Houzz 2020 awards confirm this. The Houzz community likes bathrooms that are visually integrated into the bedroom, with subtle glass partitions, and where details such as round mirrors, organic washbasins and even concealed taps are not lacking. In terms of materials, resin, in flooring and walls, and oak wood continue to dominate in line with the interest in using more natural materials. This design is by Petite Harmonie, a Valencian interior design studio.

Montessori room in nude tones: this Best of Houzz 2020 children’s room, designed by the deign studio Sube Susaeta Interiorismo, reflects the community’s growing interest in incorporating the principles of the Montessori method into the home. Floor-level beds, accessible shelving and learning towers; the key is to choose furniture that facilitates children’s autonomy and encourages their imagination. If you also opt for soft, neutral tones for textiles and wallpaper with a nude background, one of the on-trend colours in 2020, then the result could not be more welcoming.

Open kitchens in dark tones: at this year’s Best of Houzz awards we see many open kitchens in dark tones, where black and charcoal predominate, both on the cabinet doors and on the worktops. To create contrast, the trend is to incorporate some wood accent elements. In this design by La Reina Obrera, an architectural and interior design practice in Houzz, the kitchen is integrated into the living room and is composed of two lines of furniture, one of them on the island with a bar.

Contemporary gardens with a Mediterranean feel: The Houzz community rewards designs that find their inspiration in the south but incorporate contemporary and minimalist touches. In this simple and geometric space, not lacking in warmth, the path made up of wooden slats arranged vertically and horizontally stands out, contrasting with the pebble floor of the garden and managing to soften the minimalist style on the whole. The architecture studio, Idearte Marta Montoya, created this garden for a chalet situated in the district of Santa Clara, in Seville.

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