Could Madrid become the home of Europe’s tallest skyscraper? — idealista

The urban development in Madrid known as «Madrid Nuevo Norte», and formerly known as «Operación Chamartín», is one of the most ambitious developments currently planned in Europe.

Details of the plan for this new area in Madrid show that it exceeds a surface area of 3,000,000m2, while extending more than 5 kilometres in length in the north-south direction, from the surroundings of Plaza de Castilla towards the area of El Pardo. In addition to housing, green areas and commercial spaces, the plan includes the construction of several skyscrapers, one of which could reach a breathtaking 330 metres in height, including an antenna for a final height boost.

According to the developer of the project, Distrito Castellana Norte, there are just over 100 skyscrapers in the world that exceed 300 metres in height. Despite the fact that most of them are located in Asia, they are also found in the USA and Russia. Within the Europe, the current reference is The Shard, a tower located in London’s financial district that is 309.7 metres high, although with these plans, it will not hold the title for long. 

In Warsaw, the capital of Poland, the famous architectural firm led by Norman Foster is currently building «Varso«, a skyscraper that will be 230 metres high and a giant antenna that will raise its total height to 310 metres, still not enough to surpass Madrid’s plans. Another titanic project that is planned in Europe is Bestseller Tower, a 320-metre skyscraper in Jutland (Denmark) that could be inaugurated in 2023.

Therefore, and if the current plans are fulfilled, the tower to be built in this development in Madrid will become the tallest in Europe and will be almost 100 metres higher than the current skyscrapers located in the north of the city. 

However, European skyscrapers are still far behind their Asian counterparts. For ten years now, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai has had the honour of being the tallest building in the world, standing over 800 metres high. However, this year will see the completion of the Dubai Creek Tower, a tower designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava which, at over 1,300 metres, will become the world’s benchmark. It will be one kilometre higher than the one planned in Madrid. 

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