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They are impressive cascades found in Japan, the Isle of Man, Argentina or Spain. They are the focus for those travelers who enjoy nature in its purest form. We review the 10 best waterfalls in the world and one is in the Pyrenees.

It is the most spectacular of the many found along the Arazas River in the Spanish national park of Ordesa. One hour away is the mountain refuge Góriz, where you can enjoy one of the clearest skies in Europe.

Aquafraggia waterfalls in Lombardy

This is a short cascade located in the province of Lombardy, northern Italy. There are natural swimming pools in the surroundings and kiosks for a refreshment.

Baatara Gorge, in Lebanon

The Three Bridges Cave near the village of Tannourine (90 minutes by car from Beirut) is a marvel. A vertical well of icy water falls to a height of 250 meters through a limestone cave. Over the years the water has carved three arches of limestone. This spectacle can be accessed from the village of Mgharet al-Ghaouaghir.

Cora Linn, in Scotland

The most magical place in the center of Scotland is the Cora Linn Falls. You can reach it by foot from the city of New Lanark via a tree-lined path, and by the river. These waterfalls have impressed and inspired poets and writers for centuries.

Glen Maye, on the Isle of Man

The Glen Maye waterfall is protected by forests full of moss, ferns, and plants that grow around the river. Glen Maye is a 10-minute drive from the western town of Peel. There is a car park on the canyon, from which you can follow the river through the trees to the beach for a picnic.

Grawa, Austria

The Grawa waterfall is located in the Stubai Valley, Austria. It is 85 meters wide.

Mill and Whitfield Gill Force, in Yorkshire (United Kingdom)

Mill Gill Force and Whitfield Gill Force are two spectacular waterfalls. One is surrounded by cliffs and trees, the other is even more spectacular. Nearby is Kin’s Arms restaurant, where you can eat good food and a good beer.

Saltos del Moconá, Argentina

These waterfalls are in the Uruguay River that divides Brazil from Argentina. They are not very well known because 300 km away are the falls of the Iguazu river. Moconá Falls are only about 20 meters high, but they are impressive

Søtefossen, Norway

Norway is the promised land of waterfalls, although many are used for the country’s large hydroelectric industry. A walk along the Kinso River leads to four of its best waterfalls culminating in Søtefossen. You can start in Kinsarvik, where there is a bus stop in the village and a car park at the beginning of the trail just a few kilometers from the valley. The trail climbs 666 meters, it is exhausting but the reward is extraordinary.

Svatrifoss in Iceland

Svatrifoss is a mystical waterfall located south of Vatnajökull National Park. It stands out for its magnificent octagonal basalt columns that surround the waterfall. The walk to Svatrifoss takes about 45 minutes from the visitor center in Skaftafell.

Article seen in 20 of the world’s best waterfalls: readers’ tips (The Guardian)

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